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Robert & Lynda's Story

We met at Trinity College of Music in London, England. I wondered who the girl in the hideous, polka dot dress was, and she wondered who that guy was who talked loudly, and questioned everything so rudely! Isn't that how all relationships start?


We both graduated, got married, and a few years later, emigrated to Canada and had two great kids, which eventually resulted in the arrival of our wonderful little granddaughter!


Once in Canada, a job with the local school district was promised, and so when we arrived we were very disappointed to learn that the job did not exist! We could have returned to the UK but decided instead to meet the challenge head on and open our own music school, and get involved in the local cultural community. Our school began to flourish and it was thrilling and rewarding to see students of all ages enjoying their musical experiences.


As well as teaching, I began playing gigs around town, became the choral director of musical theatre productions and the Okanagan Symphony Choir while writing music critiques for a local newspaper.


Lynda went from delivering newspapers to coordinating the local Kiwanis Music Festival while trying to continue her performing career as a vocal soloist with pianists and symphony orchestras. She also was writing, producing and performing children's live entertainment shows.


Unfortunately, due to a major recession, the cost of running the school and store in a bricks and mortar building proved to be too high, forcing us into receivership and debt.

Once again we were faced with a challenge! We moved our studios to our home and continued our teaching with an emphasis on musical theatre. This proved really successful with all our students taking part in local musical productions and taking and passing the Trinity College Musical Theatre Exams. 


Today, with our lifelong passion for all things musical and a no-quit attitude, we are reinventing ourselves again. Thanks to the amazing advancements in technology, we now have the ability to offer you high quality vocal lessons, consultation and advice online, that enable you to learn in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.


With that in mind we are creating some brand new websites that focus on all things musical. The current site focuses on all things vocal, and is not only chock full of interesting content, but also contains a collection of our most effective, unique and durable vocal courses (with more in the works) that we know you'll love!


 For a fraction of the cost of one-on-one singing lessons, you can access our best Vocal Programs and be a part of our global music community.